Hi Weiqing Here.

I am a Digital Designer / UI Developer & Animator. 

Helping to create graphics and visual for products or digital services.

Do check out some of my Works here on UX DesignVisual Design Graphics.or CG Animation.

UX & Graphic Design Works


Currently I am in the process of designing a few screens prototypes. Read the blog on it.

Visual Designs:

GovTech Poster
GovTech Poster

Check out the rest of my UX Design or Visual Design Graphics.



Latest animation reel

See other animation samples on this page.

3D Computer Graphics

Robots Constructions Construction Robots

Fantasy House
CG house

More CG Graphics samples are on Artstation

Side Projects

Currently trying to learn more about web development frameworks such as React.js. And Games Development. with Amazon Lumberyard and Unreal Engine.

Let’s Connect

Ok that’s all if you want to get in touch for work, use the form below.

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