Digital Designer and World Builder

Introduction to GA UXDI

Starting a new course in may this month. I will be going through a 10 weeks course on UX Design. Having worked in Graphics and Visual Design, thought it might be a good chance to learn a different approach of looking at design problems through the methods taught in solving UX problems.

Previously my last course was in concept design, where I was designing visuals for pseudo entertainment projects. It was a year long course focused on training up designers in the methods of Industrial Design sketching. Through that I sketched a lot and did visual work where we try to flesh out worlds from our imaginations.

In my spare time I enjoy the process of creating short films and have done a friend’s story and wedding video. I hope these experiences can contribute to the future UX course.

Some things I hope to utilize the skills I learn from the course, are to be for Visual Storytelling or new media such at Virtual Reality.

Teh William, Weiqing

Digital designer and Wizard Storyteller. World builder of Imagination.
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