Aliya Chen – Demo Reel and Kingdom Fan Arts

Aliya Chen – Demo Reel and Kingdom Fan Arts

Recently I came across the Art of Aliya Chen on Halyconrealms after goolging some images of Mecha.

She is a Visual Development artist at Netflix and she does some fan art of the  manga kingdom according the site author. I do not know much of the Manga but it looks greats with nice compositions and colors

The quality of her illustrations have a very painterly and fantasy feel.

She was previously part of the Pixar Undergraduate Program showcased in her demo reel. She has various skills in modelling, 3D Layout and Art & Design. Quite a skilled generalist in many areas. And she has some code too of her experiments in minecraft and other Graphic tools (OpenGL).

See more works of her art on her website, Artstation and Instagram.

Aliya Chen Links:


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