Animator Journey – Don’t Touch
Ray Scare Don't Touch Maya Animation

Animator Journey – Don’t Touch

Latest animation I am creating in Maya, it’s a guy taking photos and sees a button and gets an unexpected surprise.

I really enjoyed doing this piece it was fun to act out the reference and try my hand at facial expressions.

Lessons learned

Anticipation needed.

I find some parts lack the anticipation of the character maybe I need to add more moving holds between each action.

Where are the eyes looking?

Make sure every frame counts every frame needs to tell it’s own story about the character intentions. The Eyes are the window to the soul as they say.

Remember the 12 Animation Principles

I feel that there is a need to re-look at the 12 principles of animation some I am missing for this piece.

For every animation piece although different you will have to touch these 12 principles in some way where it occurs, on the hands or the face, is up to you.

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