Anime Tools and Software by Striving for Animation

Anime Tools and Software by Striving for Animation

Check out this video by Sakuga foundry a forum which focus on anime animation productions. They also have a patreon page if you are interested to subscribe and support. I may join the forum to take part in their animation challenges to improve my drawings.

The video showcases some of the software used in the Anime industry in 2019. A well researched piece with some recomendations.

Recommendations for Beginners



Clip Studio for Storyboard

Photoshop for 2D Backgrounds

Blender 3d for 3D and Backgrounds

Open Toonz for Coloring

Premiere and After Effects for Editing and Compositing

I would add if you get the creative suite you can get an audio tool for editing sound effects and voice recoring.

Alternate will be Avid Media Composer and Pro Tools which have free full versions to use limited to number of tracks.

Other things they Recommended were Huion Tablets and Wacom for Digital Drawing.

Webhost Recommendations For Designer / Artists / Animators wanting a wordpress site. Web Hosting

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