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The APG Design Cast on Anchor. Used the app in 2016 but it can now produce a full podcast right from your iPhone.

Recently I have gotten back into podcasting on Anchor. It’s a really nifty app that allows media creation right from your iPhone.

Podcasting is a rather good in-between making a full Youtube video and just writing text on a blog. Its nice to hear a person talk and the media production is way easier than making a full Youtube video.

I started using the Anchor App back in 2016 when I discroved it through my Facebook feed. it was an easy way to get started podcasting and one of the good limitations was you can only record 5 minutes of audio per show (Which has been increased in 2017)

There was a feature to make a transcribe video of your speech which has been taken down. It was a good way to create media concurrently for audio and video.

Do take a chance to listen on


P.S. The anchor podcast now has more distribution channels besides Apple Podcast it’s on Google, Spotify, Overcast and many others.





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