Content Creator not just for YouTube Influencer or Marketing

Content Creator not just for YouTube Influencer or Marketing

The Division a screenshot from the trailer teaser.

I was googling YouTube for some game engine videos. And I came across the snowdrop engine promotional video.

In the video the engine developers talk about the Snowdrop engine used for creating thier games. They want to empower their staff to be productive content creators.

The definition of content creator traditionally has been associating someone that make digital media for the web. It may be blog post, video, podcast or social media crafted for marketing.

But after seeing the snowdrop video, I realise that the content creators defined today need not be limited to just YouTube or Instagram influencers or someone that writes blog posts. The definition of content creators can be broader than just limited to online marketing.

A burning scene in the snowdrop engine UI interface.

Who is a content creator?

CG Artist, Game Developers, Web Designers are content creators as well. So much attention has been on the influencers who upload loads of photos and videos to Instagram and YouTube. Maybe its because they have a lot of attention.

Content creators today can be defined as anyone that just makes Digital media in the form of Video, Graphics or 3D Assets that is content whether for a game or other media like animation, social media platforms or for interactive digital platforms.

Where I see my own content.

I create blog post the occasional podcast and Streaming to twitch. I guess that makes me a Digital Content creator. Moving forward I want to make games and animation and I guess that would makes me a Games Content creator. Something I hope to move into more than writing blog post.

Check out the visuals of the Snowdrop Engine in this playlist

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