Draw Erase and Learn Deep your subject
Whiteboard Knight Drawing by Ponkichi

Draw Erase and Learn Deep your subject

Recently I came across a post by soranews 24 about a Japanese illustrator who works at Square Enix and teaches drawing lessons on a whiteboard creating references for his students I can only say he has a lot of talent.

He is able to recreate an image with much detail and accuracy to teach his students about how to get references when planning their next illustration.

Deepen your knowledge

A great tip from him on gathering references on your subject matter is to go deep on it and learn the fundamentals about your subject. He was able to label and understand various parts of armors. That way you can have a good starting point to remix and create new things based of many new ideas formed.


“A collection of medieval armor and warriors that I did for my students which includes the names of the various parts. For any drawing you’re doing, research the subject, accumulate new discoveries, deepen your fundamental knowledge, and from there everything will become habitual. Your breadth of artistic choices and designs will expand at once so let’s work on researching our drawing subjects even more and deepening our knowledge.”


Erase your Drawings

On thing about whiteboards is they have to be cleaned and he does this for his drawings. Its a reset.

On erasing his drawing I guess we have to let go eventually. This I had a hard time myself when learning drawings or doing art.

One advice I was given was not to “fall in love” with your artwork or work. Be confident to erase and start over again. That way we can move on and start afresh or be held back by our past works.

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