Forget Specilization

Forget Specilization

Came across a post about why future designers can’t be a specialist anymore going forward. The days where you areĀ  the rockstar designer specialized in one area is going away.

Overtime the role of a designer is no longer just about visuals the role is expanding and overllaping with marketing, business or brand strategy thinking, or even coming up with social media video posts. There are some designers that code too. Its quite a lot more than just knowing Adobe Tools or layout theory.

Deep Specialization if you can be the best

Specialize only if you want to go deep and be the worlds best.

This is a bit tricky to be a total specialist unless there is demand for your deep skills and the market is willing to pay.

With markets in flux these day I can’t see the reason to be world class unless you really really like to acquire deep skills in one area. Again nothing wrong with having deep skills, like what Cal Newport wrote in his Book So Good they can’t ignore you, but that is only if work demands and the market is willing to pay for it.

Here is what I think is needed to thrive as a Generalist

One Core Skill

Have one core skill but have other complimentary skills.

Have other complementary skills

  • Digital Marketing
  • UX Design
  • Software development
  • Management
  • Biz Development
  • Speaking
  • etc.

Always learning

I have done about 2 Diploma one in Industrial Design (Concept Design) & 3D Animation VFX plus a minor certificate in UX Design. This sums up my learning journey throughout my career always learning.

Outside of school job nowadays want you to do a bit of everything from Photoshop, Video editing posting to social media and event management kinda of stressful and overwhelming 😭

When I graduated twice and went back to work I am always surprised I don’t get to practice more than 50% of what I learn.

I had to pick up new skills things like Web Development and Visual Design were learned on the Job sometimes.

One book to check out is Ultralearning where you develop projects that allow you to go deep quick in a new area and pick up skills fast.

Innovate and Don’t Iterate

Leave with this video by Chris do that talks about why we have to innovate as we can’t see the market conditions and tech disruptions coming along.

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