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Google Plus Shutting down

Google Plus Shutting down

My Google Plus profile is going away in 2019

I recently found out on during one of my Google Login sessions that Google + is shutting down. I am not really surprised about it as it could not compete with the other 2 social media giants back in the day which were twitter and facebook.

One thing I am certain is no platform last forever. That is why I wrote a post about needing a website to publish my stuff.

I alway felt these social media platforms are just using us to data mine our habits, desires and other biases. So that they can send you more advertisements and notifications to buy things.

That is why we need more open tools and platforms like WordPress to host our own stuff online. Having your own website is an asset you can use to sell yourself or write what you feel or want to express about.

As long as you are paying for the service you do not become the product and are a customer.

I also recently paid for an Artstation Pro account because I want to use it as a second website to blog my CG Journey.

I intend to keep this website going for as long as possible if all else fails I would scale back to the free service which has a paid option to upgrade to a full website.

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