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Keith Lango Animation Full Tutorials series on Youtube

Keith Lango Animation Full Tutorials series on Youtube

Youtube Playlist of tutorials

Recently discovered an old Animation Tutorial series by Keith lango via this tweet by Kiel Figgins.

Anyone that wants to have his paid subscription of animation tutorials can now have it for free on YouTube.

Its a really good set of videos that were used in my animation school to teach various aspects of animation such as posing and timings to tell an effective story with characters. The videos are a little old and of not very good audio quality but you should not pass watching this as many of the principles of animation. Many of the principles are explained very clearly with instructional examples.

I remembered googling about animation tutorials as a High school student and came across Keith Lango Free Tutorials on using Maya to teach some of the concepts of animation. And he also made a short film titled Lunch 2001 which showed me that you can tell a clear story with simple characters.

Here is the playlist of his Videos Tutorial Series on Animation.

Links to some of his old tutorials.

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