Learning Resources For During Covid-19 Stay Home

Learning Resources For During Covid-19 Stay Home

UPDATE: Added Odin Project to the list

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The Walking Dead
The walking dead

Don’t panic you are not in a Zombie 🧟‍♀️ apocalypse yet. I understand some countries have lockdowns and some of us here are on 2-3 weeks stay home quarantine.

This would be a good time to upgrade one skills and re-skills, I am currently working as a UI Developer and I can’t thank enough the creators of online learning platforms that helped me pick skills up such as coding and design. There are other platforms that help me keep up to date with my CG Skills in animation.

Learning Resources for Programming

Free Code Camp

There are free lectures on their YouTube Channel and their platform has an interactive coding tutorial assignment section that guides beginners for the basics of HTML JavaScript to advance coding concepts.



This platform has evolved and what Inlike about it is the interactive Lectures it provides you can play with the code during the lecture to see the changes made.

There are both free and paid courses. I did a bit of React for this site.


Odin Project


The Odin Project is a Norse Theme web development course. You can sign up for free. Teach mostly with the about front end and Ruby on Rails.


Added: Traversy Media a free YouTube resource to learn coding for web development has good advice too. He also did a new video on staying productive during this season of quarantine.

For programming motivation Check out Stefan Mischook Youtube channel and Dev.to Articles.

Game Development

Unity Learn Premium (Free till Jun 2020)

Unity Learning has recently opened their Learning premium resources for free till Jun 2020 during this peried of Covid.

Start Learning Unity 3D Here: learn.unity.com/

Via www.gamefromscratch.com/post/2020/03/20/Unity-Learn-Premium-For-Free.aspx

Unreal Engine Learning

Learn Unreal Engine with their free courses. Get to know topics like Architecture production…

You can view the tutorials here: www.unrealengine.com/en-US/onlinelearning-courses


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Webhost Recommendations For Designer / Artists / Animators wanting a wordpress site. Web Hosting

Teh William, Weiqing

William Teh, Weiqing A Designer turn UI Developer. Animator Apprentice learning to be a Wizard Storyteller. Coding Interactive worlds one pixel at a time. Read More @ http://williamteh.com/blog

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