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Now that my license for Substance Painter has ended I am looking around for some alternatives texturing software to learn.

Only one other texture painting software can compete with Substance similar work flow which is Mari.

One thing I wanted to try is use Mari for Game texturing.

The only game that I know did it was the Order 1886. Check out their talk from years ago.

While mari has been know for texturing High end vfx assets, it can be used in games as well though it might feel different. I like that Mari is just a pure texturing tool similar to Substance Painter and does nothing else. Workflow wise it feels rather slower than substance painter as it takes quite a bit of time to get it setup.

One cool thing about Mari is there is a Non-commercial version some of the limits are 4K textures and 6 UDIMs tile sets. Which is fine for texturing your game models.

Get the Non-Commercial Version here:

Here are some resources you can use to learn mari.


Foundry Tutorials.

Mari 4 Fundamentals:

Introduction to mari This one is based on Mari 3 but the theory will be the same for later versions.

Mari Introduction:

Zbrush to Mari workflow:

Flipped Normals Tutorials

Intro to Mari

UDIM workflows

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