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Project 2020

Project 2020 is something I am planning to do. It was something I stumbled across while searching SeanWes podcasts tv episodes.

Seanwes 2020 Vision

I have been looking for the next side project to focus on and was learning about the importance of growth by doing one.

But as much as I like to see results these things takes time.

I plan to document whatever new journey I will take to do through 2019 and 2020, though I might change the name to something else.

Some Possible Ideas

  • Make a game demo
  • Short CG film
  • Build small Digital products

Blog everything about it here and share it on social media, thinking maybe YouTube and Instagram currently these platforms have potential growth for video content.

The goal is to see how far through I can take this while doing it on the side and Continue to battle the “resistance” that it may bring.

Who knows who may discover the trail of my blog or what I put out in 2020.

One thing I know I need to just pick one thing and stick to it for as long as possible.

Teh William, Weiqing

1Nakata: A Digital Designer / Animator / Developer. Wizard Apprentice Storyteller. World building my Imagination, creating worlds one picture at a time.

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