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Siteground Promo – an easy way to start wordpress blog

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There is a flash promo sale on Siteground if you are looking for a good host. So far I am very Happy this year with Site Ground as my host for WordPress.

Affiliate Links are in this Post. This post will disappear after the Promo period.

Why I choose siteground?

A Story on Stable Hosting

When I started this blog last year, I was on a shared host on a lower tier and Jetpack kept emailing me that my site was disconnected on and off. You get what you pay for. I was frustrated that even though I had a small little blog this kept happening.

Then I went to do a search on Google for alternative hosts. And I came across Siteground after discovering that had Data Centers in Asia and Elsewhere in the world.

Great Support and Easy Website Transfer.

I deceided to try out their 1 month plan which is about $17. The Support team helped me with migrating my old wordpress blog to their servers. It was such an ease.

The only thing I did not do was sign up with a domain with them. Back then I think they did not have it yet. So I was on another domain host namecheap.

But they had great Documentation and it was easy to follow along. Link your domain to your new wordpress website is easy just follow their documentation.

If you are coming from another Web host you can get your old wordpress setup easily with their Website Transfer. They will help you migrate everything over. You just need to think what kind of content you want to produce on your new Site.

Support is great

Siteground support is very good they answer my emails and support tickets very fast and gave me good advice on transfering my website.

I am not technical though I can manage wordpress on my own and plugins. But I was able to get my wordpress website transferred over quickly to continue the blog and portfolio.

Do check out this Promo offer

I would recommend the 1 month trial to start off with to test them out.
The first year of site ground is relatively cheap to try if you are looking for good and stable hosting for wordpress. And they will help you migrate over.

Web Hosting

This promo will not last forever. So if you have been thinking of migrating to another host Siteground is a good choice.

One Note after this deal for the first year the prices will increase.

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