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Why start a Website in 2020

I want to write the usual listicle article on Why Start a blog in 2020 but I think I would share my expereince and some thoughts

I do not know where. the Internet and platforms will go in the fture and I think alwasy you should have a home base platform the show your work, your ideas your personality.

At minimum get a Domain for yourself

Getting your own Domain makes you sound Legit though it sounds cliche but it gave me a confidence boost. to say I have a website of my own just don’t overbrag it.

[namecheap domain]

WordPress is the default choice for me its because I was introduced to it. Newer platform builders like Squarespace and Carbonmade are also viable too.

The Website if you choose t

Some Cons & Caveats
You are responsible for the upkeep and content. If you can’t get external help or automate it as much as possible. Like using a website builder

Get Hosting

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Webhost Recommendations For Designer / Artists / Animators wanting a wordpress site. Web Hosting

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