The Pivot Method – How to find the Next Big Thing.

We sometimes hear a lot about pivoting, a term used in Silicon Valley Startups. But sometimes do we know what it means and more importantly how to do it and implement it in our lives and careers.

I recently heard and interview with Jenny Blake, hosted by Brian Clark on his umemployable podcast. I can identify with this. Some times we are just stuck in a place and want to move on to bigger and better things but maybe its just the next thing that we do is just enough, we need to worry less about Pivoting to the NEXT BIG THING. 

We need to find our first footing and then we can move on.

The method Jenny used to describe the pivot, sounds a lot like UX Process or prototyping methods, such as the one listed below. We dream ideate and prototype to get feedback. This can be done for our careers too.

  1. Dream and align on the desired future and the specific challenge you might want to tackle
  2. Discover underlying needs and insights for the users / future employers.
  3. Ideate and build “prototypes” the kind of jobs we might be skilled to do.
  4. Prototype / Pilot solutions with real users to get feedback
  5. Launch lessons learnt and decide on next steps

Take a go at looking at your pivot Profile on her website ( to see what kind of Pivot Person you are. I scored as a Measured Pivoter.

Other good resource to read that impacted me in the way I look at careers. (Amazon Associates Link)

The Startup of You by Reid Hoffmann


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