The Skining City a Lovecraft Horror Game

The Skining City a Lovecraft Horror Game with Investigation and Supernatural Elements. Discovered it by chance on Facebook.
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The Sinking City Lovecraft Horror Game by Frogwares
The Sinking City Lovecraft Horror Game by Frogwares

I found this Trailer by chance through Unit Image CGI work. Have never heard of the company Frogware but it sure looks cool and scary.

It is a game based around Lovecraft Horror style and features supernatural elements and investigation gameplay. I am looking forward to give this a try and also experiment with their Tools for Unreal Engine if they do eventually release them.

Some of the tools are showcased on UE4 Website. They demo a city builder toolset that allowed them to create the dreay city based on a node preset.

I Like the 1920s vibe I get from this game. The developers have talked a bit in their updates they are trying to explore more of Lovecraft themes about the unknown and what it means.

I am guessing the water motifs and the act of drowning may be part of the gameplay? I do wonder if they will explore the themes of dying and respawing in a video game.

Official Copy from their website.

The Sinking City is a game of investigation and mystery taking place in a fictional open world inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

The player steps into the shoes of a 1920s private investigator who finds himself in the city of Oakmont Massachusetts, New England. A city suffering from unprecedented floods of clearly supernatural origins. A city trembling on the brink of madness.

Some of the Update Videos showcase Unreal Engine 4 running the game.


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