Thoughts of the Week – #001

Thoughts of the Week – #001

Writing here about some thoughts of the week. Not sure if it will be a daily thingĀ  or a Weekly Friday dispatch kind of thing. I am still experimenting.

It may also turn into a youtube Video instead of long form post.


I realize that in order to gain traffic on a blog you will need to dabble in 1-2 social media platforms. For better or worse that’s where the conversation is happening.

I have done a bit of YouTube and Streaming and had a podcast for a while. But I felt these take up a lot of time and while I still like video editing I still need a good 1-2 hours to record and edit them not counting some retakes or making graphics.

You pay a lot for social media attention. While it is free to post the content there it’s not free in ‘time’ effort to make it. And you won’t know which content is going to work.

Blogging is slower but at least it can be a good way to document your work.


Right now I am not working in Animation.

Where I live there was not much animation opportunities and frankly I would rather have a day job for a while to cover expenses, and work on animation in my spare time.

Many other blogs like Justin Jackson or other Online Niche entrepreneurs have done a day Job and only quit when their side project or passion is really taking off. It’s not good to just jump in the success rate is lower than you think.

My last blog post was about my 3dsense experience, will plan to write a 2nd part about my demo reel and some lessons and thoughts about what I learned in that 1 year besides gaining new software skills.

Side Project

A side project I can do for myself

Currently tossing around the idea 💡 of doing an Angular App and Unity / Unreal Game Project.

I have been bouncing ideas most likely it will be a solo project till I can get others interested.

I wonder how is it that some projects can create movements and so much interest while some big names that launch 🚀 something crash.

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