Virtual Reality might win Long Term – John Carmack

There was a nice interview podcast with John Carmack and Joe Rogan and they go into a lot of topics like Graphics, VR / AR and ID Software and tech in general.

This video has a nice recap Of things Discussed.

One thing they talked about is the potential of VR and AR. John came out and gave his long verbose opinions about AR especially Mixed reality device Magic Leap on how it failed to live up to the hype.
Magic leap for the classroom

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Right now AR / VR has low battery life compared to tethered VR headsets. And it seems that magic leap has fallen short of expectation of its highlighted demos. One reason I think is that there is a lack of better compositing realtime of characters and 3D objects onto the real world since we cannot control our lighting situations. I guess only cartoon like games and UI overlays works best.

Carmack seems to be betting more on Virtual Reality no surprise that he is working at Facebook Oculus. He talks about the possibilities of someone not being able to experience things due to their geography and being stuck in a place. VR will allow many others to experience a digital world without travelling or spending a bucket full of money to go to these experiences.

I myself had a chance to play with Virtual Reality on Oculus Rift, one was an assasin creed game where you fly around like a bird 🦅 and I think it will be more adopted by high end consumers but for a specific use case which is done at the home or in a small play area. I dont’t think VR won’t come out of the room or do the Augmented reality kind of thing where we overlay digital information onto the real world. I feel that a new kind of immersive experience storytelling will take place and I am thinking of experimenting it someday through gamemaking.

AR for now only had 1 successful app for games which was Pok√©mon Go and that is not using Magic leap but the Apple iPhone and Android Phones. Beyond that AR is used mostly in Enterprise areas and I don’t think consumers might buy it. Holo Lens already found some success for Enterprise and Military applications.

Maybe in the future we will have glasses that can do both. But I think AR might be a tough sell for consumers right not its more expensive than oculus, except in the enterprise space.

VR if done right, you will be transported to a different world or a different place and experience without leaving your sofa.

Have you ever tried VR or played AR Games on your phone?

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