What’s the fastest way to get better at drawing?

Image source: http://karryho.deviantart.com/art/Dave-Franco-Pencil-Sketch-342037383 Image source: karryho.deviantart.com/art/Dave-Franco-Pencil-Sketch-342037383%5B/caption%5D

Saw a question online about and artist trying to look for tips to get better at drawing and art.

Set your expectation and goals first.

It depends on what you mean better.

Do you want to be better than High school art or you want to be better so that you can work as a professional illustrator?

Deciding 1st what you want out of being better will help you set you on a path to draw better. And find the right help.

You won’t go from 0 to pro in a period but setting on the right path is more important with the right goal and destination in mind.

Remember your mileage vary. Everyone is starting at a different place, and have different life situations.

Can anyone without a talent in Art Draw?

I used to think that drawing was a spiritual thing, and only a select few are good at it but until I went to the FZD School of design, I saw myself and some peers go from 0-5 in the year program we were there.

There needs to be proper instruction for myself and some we needed a classroom structured environment to be guided along a path to get to where we needed to go.

It takes many hours to be good at a craft and as long you are drawing everyday, you will cross over the minimum viable visual standard of Good Enough. Even if you can only dedicate a short time a day you will improve by a bit, always remember to check your goals and what you want out of being better at drawing.

Lets start drawing

The best way is to start. Don’t be intimidated with photoshop. Star with a sketchbook and pen. I have written a post about the Benefits of Analog Sketching.

I like Pilot HiTec C4.

P.S Don’t compare with others progress everyone is different and starting at a different place. I have included a short progress of my art over the years.

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